DURING AND AFTER THE SHUTDOWNS - VOUCHERS WILL BE EXTENDED 60 days FROM THE "MERCHANT PURCHASED" RE-OPENING DATE - This only includes vouchers that were valid during the Covid- 19 shutdown - This does not include expired vouchers from the year 2019 and prior. 

SpinSaver.com is all about supporting and building a strong community. Our local businesses, drive local economies and increase the value of our towns. Not in a monetary value, but in a experiential value. We need to help each other to build strong foundations and destinations for growing roots.

Support your local Merchants and invite your friends to save on SpinSaver. The Merchants are offering a deal in savings and goodwill. The customer than gets an opportunity to try something and pass along their goodwill experience to the community. Pretty simple Win-Win ! 

SpinSaver.com, launched in January 2012, offers daily deals with savings up to 90% from restaurants, spas, entertainment, jewelry and other goods, professional services, events, and more.  Unlike many other deal sites where your deal may be far away from where you reside, at SpinSaver we offer big discount deals closer to your home.  Most of our business clients keep the deal available to you for up to 21 days so you don’t miss out on these great offers.  Don’t like the offer you see then “View All Deals” and find something more to your liking.  We are always adding great new deals and would love your requests for other deals.  We make you aware of our deals on a daily basis by sending you an email (if you chose).  Find a great deal you like then share it with your friends and earn cash in your SpinSaver account.

Tell all of your Friends and Family...the more members we have, the better deals we get... so jump on board.

Also, find out more on our Fundraising Platform to raise money for your sports, music, arts, events or group fundraising. Email customerservice@spinsaver.com (SUBJECT-FUNDRAISING) for more info.

OUR OVERALL GOAL, is to be an asset to the local communities we serve. By promoting local businesses, we hope consumers will use the local merchant offered deals and refer their friends. Driving economic business to these local small businesses will help to build strong and viable local communities. These small businesses need your support. Without vibrant local business, we lose those unique and intangible differences that makes our communities such a special place to live.

In addition to daily deals, we actively support local sports, music,arts, events and groups through fundraising efforts on our platform. Ask about our fundraising opportunities as they are easy to set up and implement.

OUR SPINSAVER DEAL PROMISE, is to provide you with the best deals from highly respected businesses.  For three decades, we have enjoyed a wonderful reputation of integrity, honesty, and transparency to our employees, costumers, vendors, and you the consumer!  So become a member today (there is no cost obligation) and enjoy big savings.  It’s easy and fun!!