SpinSaver.com is an active supporter of fundraising causes.

We will help you set up a "FUNDRAISING DEAL"  or a "SPINSAVER DEAL DAY" that gives you access to our powerful deal platform and our members for your fundraising causes or events.

Your cause or event will get a portion of SpinSaver Sales. This is similar to a rewards or smiles program.

Email Mick Feite at customerservice@spinsaver.com for more details. Please put FUNDRAISING @ SPINSAVER in the SUBJECT LINE.

Basic Fundraising Process

1) Pick a Cause ( Ex. Raising Money for Soccer Trip to Europe)

2) SpinSaver will designate a fundraising day. (Ex. June 1st, 2019)

3) You will notify everyone that sales profits from June 1st, 2019 will be donated to (Raising Money for Soccer Trip to Europe)

You will send a link to anyone who wants to support your cause (friends, family,etc) Once they click on the link they can purchase and browse our "DEALS".

4) We will notify our members to support the cause on June 1st.

5) SpinSaver will then give you a portion of every sale for that day. Therefore, the more people who participate, the more your cause will receive.

This is very easy to set up and implement for your fundraising cause or charity. You first pick a date, send us the cause or charity info. We then send you the link to be sent to your emails. We load the cause and date. Your fundraising cause or charity then receives the profit after the sales have closed.

SpinSaver.com is based in the Northern Philadelphia Suburb Region. This includes, Bucks,Montgomery,Hunterdon & Mercer Counties. Successful efforts will occur in these areas due to the local following. We have 100,000 active members throughout these counties. These active members then, have household members and friends that also get our marketing reach that are not counted in the total member value.

***We reserve the right to "run" or "not run" a fundraising deal. Our goal is to serve the community and help our small businesses get promoted. Impress us with your cause and why. If we feel that it fits in our mission, we will run your deal.***